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Why tungsten carbide has better wear resistance than other alloy steel


Firstly, we need to understand what is wear resisting for a material. Wear is removal of material when a contact loading is applicated. wear refers to permanent fall apart and deforming of materials in small fragments.

Tungsten Carbide (WC) has a hexagonal structure made of a combination of tungsten and carbon. Its properties are a high density and a high melting point of about 2900 °C, boiling point of 5986°C, a high hardness as well as high performance of electric and thermal conductivity. At normal temperatures, their calorific and other physical stability is outstanding too. With a high hardness of about 2500 Vickers hardness and elastic parameters up to 700 Gpa. Such material needs higher force to permanently deform.

Tungsten is a brittle and of BCC structure. Carbon forms carbide with BCC element will be of extremely hard and wear resistance, corrosion resistance is highly improved.

Tungsten carbide is two times harder and of twice density compared with alloy steel. These parameters are almost stay same under conditions of high temperature. In general, tungsten carbide has superior wear resistance than any other alloys steel.

Nowadays, tungsten carbide is replacing alloys steel to make tungsten mold parts and punches and dies  serving automotive parts stamping companies, tool and die makers in the word. HG is one the leading companies making tungsten carbide die parts in China.

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