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Tungsten Carbide SMT Nozzle

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Tungsten Carbide SMT Nozzle

When the distribution of SMT patch red adhesive is not stable, dot SMT patch red adhesive is too much or too little.SMT patch red adhesive point coating too little, there will be definitely not enough strength, bonding is not strong, resulting in over wave soldering when the components in the tin pot chip off;On the contrary, the amount of SMT patch red glue is too much, especially for small components. If it sticks to the welding pad, it will hinder the electrical connection.

Causes and countermeasures of empty spots, glue leakage and excessive amount of SMT patch red glue:

A. SMT patch red adhesive is mixed with a large mass, blocking the distributor nozzle;Or SMT patch red glue glue has bubbles, empty spots.

Solution: use SMT patch red glue to remove excessive particles and bubbles.

B. mt patch red adhesive viscosity is not stable when the dot coating, SMT patch red adhesive coating amount is not stable.

Solution: when using SMT patch red adhesive every time, place it in an airtight container to prevent condensation for about 1 hour, then install the SMT patch red adhesive on the dispensing head, and start dispensing after the temperature of the applicator is stable.It is better to have a thermostat in use.

C. put dispensing head for a long time not to use, to restore to the SMT patch red rubber solubility, several times at the start of the dispensing will appear SMT red glue dispensing quantity is insufficient, therefore, each printing PCB circuit boards, each point in the mouth to begin with, want to pilot first several SMT patch red rubber, stay stable again for normal operation, so really lift the PCB circuit boards will not drop, to guarantee the quality of PCB circuit boards.

Tungsten Carbide SMT Nozzle-HG Precision

Tungsten Carbide SMT Nozzle-HG Precision

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