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Precision Parts Dimension Inspection

We pay attention to mold and part quality, we strict to quality control every product step, also we will full checking mold and part before shipment. we know "quality is life" for customer and ourselves.

Quality Flow Chart: 

1. Document and Parameter Checking

2. Design Optimize Control

3. Material Hardness Inspection

4. Mold Layout Confirmation

5. Core and Punch Material Dimension Inspection

6. Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection

7. Mold Stamping Trial Report and Sample Inspetion

8. Mold Pre-shipment Final Inspection

9. Export Mold Package Inspection

Stamping molding part control: raw material inspection; mold checking; mold process; part dimension checking; part appearance checking; pre-pack inspection. 

3 coordinate checking video is showed in company video 3D Inspect Video

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