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Precision Carbide Anti-Rotation Spray Nozzles

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Precision Carbide Anti-Rotation Spray nozzles

HG Precision provided dispense valve assemblies, including tungsten carbide nozzles, tungsten carbide ball-end needle, carbide seat and anti-abrasive hard-coated needle, gasket,shaft, and tugnsten carbide component, stainless steel components ,carbon steel components.

Tungsten carbide resist high temperatures, withstand high pressure, excellent corrosion resistance and guarantee long tool life and high repeated accuracy.

Machine Processing techology: die polished, polishing, plating titanium, lettering, wire EDM, electro-discharge machining, titanize, heat treatment, fast wire cutting, slow wire cutting, head annealing, sintering.


Know about other fittings in the nozzle

Nozzle fittings include pipe threaded fittings, solenoid valves and liquid filters and pressure gauge fittings.

The main material of pipe thread joint is stainless steel, the thread connection can be divided into internal thread connection and external thread connection.This kind of joint is used to connect the pipeline of construction, water conservancy project, bridge construction.

Solenoid valve is also a nozzle fitting with an internal threaded connector.Solenoid valve body is usually made of stainless steel and brass, its piston structure is special, high wear resistance, and do not produce any noise when working.The sealing material is butanoic rubber or fluorinated rubber, the valve action can be divided into direct action type, step by step direct action type, pilot type.It has two - way and two - way connection.It is mainly used in air compressor, bottle blowing machine, fire safety, stage equipment, food equipment, cleaning equipment and other industries.

Of a liquid filter having detachable guide cups with various sizes of strainer holes.Its biggest characteristic is when needing to clean, need to take out detachable filter cylinder only, after removing impurity, reinstall can, its use and maintenance are extremely convenient therefore.Liquid filter is suitable for steam, air, water, oil and other system pipelines, can be used to protect various metering instruments, pumps, valves and various nozzle equipment.

The connection of the pressure gauge and the parts touching the liquid are made of brass, which is mainly used to measure the pressure of gas or liquid which is non-corrosive, non-explosive, and not easy to crystallize and precipitate to copper and copper alloy.This instrument requires vertical installation and stable load.

Precision Carbide Anti-Rotation Spray nozzles-HG Precision

Precision Carbide Anti-Rotation Spray nozzles-HG Precision

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