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Material and Heat Treatment


Material name

Hardness (HRC)FeaturesFunctionHeat treatment
SKD-1158~60HRCHigh wear-resisting and purity,have good hardenability and machinability.Widely used in metal stamping mould parts.200℃
SKH-51(HSS)Above 63 HRCVery sharpe,a kind of alloy steel have complicated elements, which included tungsten/molybdenum/chromium/vanadium and cobalt carbide forming elements etc.,Used in various of cutting tools / cold-punching mould and /  embossing die / Punch head etc.,860~880℃
DC5362~63HRCGood hardenability and machinability.Used in stamping mould/punch head520~530℃
CK4555HRCHigh quality carbon structural steel, hardness is not high but easy for machining.widely used as a tip, guide pin, etc., but must have heat treatment.100℃
42CrMo4Above 55HRCHigh strength, hardenability and good toughness.Easy for polishing, and can have electroplating.Widely used in plastic injection mould parts.860℃
Tungten carbide90-94HRCHave high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance.Widely used in metal stamping mould parts, such as punch head.1

Detail Production For Your Reference: 

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