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How To Maintain The Tungsten Carbide Parts In The Daily Manufacture


The maintenance of tungsten carbide fittings/component is very important, and it is also a simple operation that many customers simply neglect. Here, HG Precision want to share some maintenance methods for tungsten carbide fittings/components. Tungsten steel fittings/components are relatively simple and damaged parts of crusher equipment and other industrial equipment, especially in long-term operation under high load conditions, which is even more simple and simple.

According to HG Precision experience, many customers who purchase tungsten carbide fittings/components do not understand how to maintain and protect them. It is not difficult to maintain tungsten steel fittings/components. It is only necessary to pay attention to the usual time. point:

1. Customers who purchase tungsten carbide fittings/components should read the operating instructions carefully and use the tungsten carbide fittings/components in strict accordance with the above steps.

2. When installing tungsten carbide fittings/components, do not hit the parts with hard objects, and you can tap harder or tough back.

3. It must be noted that the tungsten carbide fittings/components must be mounted to the best position of the socket to prevent bumping between other parts.

4. Every two weeks, it is necessary to check the belts, gears, etc. that drive the shaft of the tungsten carbide fittings/components, and replace them in time.

5. Finally, there must be professional protection personnel to ensure the function of tungsten carbide components.